3 Ways E-Signature Solutions Help Companies Go Paperless

Mary Ellen Power, September 12, 2014

Eliminating paper in offices leads to significant costs savings in terms of materials, printing and shipping expenses. However, process-related benefits can be just as great. Electronic signature software plays a key role in making these operational gains possible as the technology allows organizations to streamline processes associated with getting documents, contracts and other types of forms signed. In particular, e-signatures accomplish three things that make going paperless easier and more profitable:

1. Improving accuracy

If you've worked in human resources or any sort of role that forces you to get information from people you know you face two key issues. The first is getting people to fill out forms on time. The second is to get them to do it correctly. There are few things more frustrating than hounding a person to get you a key form by a deadline only to have that individual fill out the form with errors or having forgotten to sign it. This is even more problematic when that document has to be mailed to the individual, leading to a delay of days as you wait for shipping processes to be completed.

E-signature solutions eliminate many accuracy problems by automatically analyzing forms before they are submitted to identify missing fields, areas where the wrong type of data is being provided and similar issues. The result is a huge improvement in accuracy and a much easier time getting information from people.

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2. Easing storage burdens

Storing paper records involves controlling the environment in the storage location, finding enough space to handle large quantities of forms and protecting those files from various threats including theft, fire and water damage. Storing electronic files, on the other hand, is easy. Storage space is cheap and there are plenty of archiving specialists out there that can help organizations deal with unusual circumstances. The result is a much easier transition to paperless operations because e-signatures allow organizations to capture signed records and store them in a digital format.

3. Responsiveness

The process of mailing paper documents to people - or emailing and having people print and scan files - can be incredibly time consumers for businesses, customers and employees. E-signature solutions eliminate all of the time that goes into preparing paper records and enables the entire documentation process to happen digitally. The result is better responsiveness as dealing with forms becomes more efficient for all stakeholders.

Going paperless can be challenging, but our Beginner's Guide to E-Signatures will help you with everything you need to get started using electronic signing methods.