eIDAS and E-Signatures in Europe

A Legal Perspective


Recorded On: March 23, 2016


  • Lorna Brazell, IP Lawyer at international law firm Osborne Clarke
  • Michael Laurie, VP product Strategy at OneSpan

The new Electronic ID and Trust Services (eIDAS) regulation that takes effect in July will be a significant step forward for e-signature adoption in Europe. eIDAS promises to make trusted communications easier in Europe and remove the previous hurdles to cross-border recognition of e-identities and e-signatures. This webcast provides an overview of the new regulation and its impact on companies doing business electronically. They answer common questions such as, “can I use an e-signature to create a legally binding contract in my country?” and “do I have to use a Qualified E-Signature?”

Topics discussed:

  • The ABCs of e-signatures, digital signatures and qualified certificates
  • Differences between an Advanced E-Signature and Qualified E-Signature under eIDAS
  • How and when Trusted Service Providers play a role in the changing landscape
  • Best legal practices regarding which types of documents and processes are ideal for e-signatures
  • How to meet e-signature requirements as defined in the regulation
  • How eSignLive complies with eIDAS for each e-signature type

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