OneSpan Sign provides the most flexible and scalable solution to support all your signing and agreement automation needs. Whether you use our web application or integrate our solution into your core business applications, OneSpan Sign is easy to use for signers, senders, and developers. Discover our product features to get up and running with e-signatures.

Document Creation

 Document Creation

Sending documents for e-signature is simple with OneSpan Sign. There are a number of options available from the time a document transaction is sent to your signers until the e-signature process is completed.

Smart Digital Forms

Turn long, clunky PDFs into mobile-ready, intelligent guided forms that are easy to complete before they’re e-signed. Learn more.

File Type Support

OneSpan Sign supports the following file formats: .doc, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, and .txt. You can also use the OneSpan Sign Print Driver to easily send transactions directly to OneSpan Sign from any Windows-based application. Simply print to “Send to OneSpan Sign” from applications like Word, Excel, Google Docs, and PDF to send your transactions for signature.

Standard and Custom Fields

Your signers can easily sign and initial documents in all the right places. Use standard fields to collect the following information from your signers: signatures, initials, names, titles, signing date, company names, and more. You even have the ability to create custom fields and reuse them to capture specific data from your customers.

Advanced Form Fields

Design advanced form fields including checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists, text fields, label fields, and more.

Signer Attachments

Prompt your signers to attach supporting documentation during the e-signing process, such as a photo of a driver's license or additional PDF documents.

Retention and Archiving

Once the e-signature process is completed, e-signed documents can be pushed downstream and  archived in your organization’s content management or other preferred system of record solution for long-term storage and retention.

Additional Documents

Include auxiliary documents to your transaction, such as legal disclosures or terms and conditions for your signers. Signers can easily view, accept, and sign these additional documents.

Signer Workflow

Signer Workflow

OneSpan Sign lets you define workflows and gives you control over every step in the process to optimize the customer experience and ensure high completion rates. Build the optimal e-signature process and signer experience based on your business needs.

Serial and Parallel Signing

Distribute documents to multiple signers and set the signing order. You have the option to let signers sign one after the other or in parallel.


Templates are ideal to use for your frequently used documents. Set up signature and field placements to create reusable templates that reduce the number of steps needed to get documents out for e-signing.


Layouts are helpful for users who frequently send forms that include signature blocks and data fields which remain in the same location throughout the document. Layouts act as a blueprint and can be saved and applied to future documents with the same format and field requirements.

Document Visibility

The Document Visibility feature allows you to choose which documents your recipients can view and sign. Designate individual document access in a single transaction with multiple documents, instead of having to create separate transactions for each recipient. What's more, this feature saves you from having to process documents your recipients don’t need to see, and it ensures that documents with sensitive information are viewed only by your intended recipients.

Text Tags

Text tags eliminate the need to manually place signatures and fields in your documents. By adding text tags to your document, after the document is uploaded to OneSpan Sign, every text tag is automatically replaced with the signature and fields at the right location.

Recipient Permissions

Define the action a recipient needs to take like signing, allowing them to change signer, or simply approving a document. OneSpan Sign lets you customize a specific recipient workflow to meet your business’ needs.

Reminders and Expirations

Set up automated email reminders and expirations for your signers to complete the signing process on time. Reminders and expirations are powerful features to help you keep track of time-sensitive documents sent to your signers.

Conditional Fields

Hide or reveal data that needs to be captured based on the signer’s response to specific fields. Use “If/Then” conditional logic in documents to ensure signers only see the relevant fields based on their selections. Learn more.

Optional Signatures

Place optional signatures in your documents to give signers the flexibility to complete a transaction without having to sign every signature field in the document.

Identity Verification and Authentication

Identity Verification and Authentication

Explore OneSpan Sign’s robust and flexible set of identity verification and authentication options to add an extra layer of security to validate your signer’s identity when conducting transactions online.


Email authentication is the default option OneSpan Sign uses to verify your recipient’s identity. The identity of your intended signer is verified using their secure name and password when logging into their email account. The signer simply clicks the link to access the document they need to sign.

Login Credentials

The signer is authenticated through the sender’s system using a unique username and password. This could be an online banking portal, a government services portal, or even a OneSpan Sign account.


Verify your signer’s identity via a secure one-time SMS code sent to their mobile phone number. The signer enters the code into the login page and gains access to the documents that require signature. Learn more.


Present challenge questions to your signer. These are commonly referred to as "shared secrets" since you need to formulate questions based on information you already have on file about your customer, such as the last 4 digits of their social security number or an application ID number. If the signer provides the correct answer, they are verified as the correct recipient of the transaction. Learn more.

Government ID Verification

Verify unknown individuals remotely using government-issued IDs (e.g., driver’s license, passport, etc.). OneSpan Sign leverages digital identity verification to capture, extract, and analyze ID data in order to authenticate government-issued identity documents.

Biometric Comparison

Signers can use the built-in camera on their mobile device to take a “selfie” and compare it with the photo on the government-issued ID document (see above). Pair with “liveness detection” (e.g., blinking, speaking, head tilting) to ensure the photo captured is from a real human. Signers can be verified in real-time and within seconds.

Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA)

Leverage third-party ID verification services such as Equifax to present the signer with a list of out-of-wallet questions in real-time. OneSpan Sign captures the responses and presents them back to the service provider for confirmation of the customer’s identity and approval to provide access to the documents for signing.

Government Smart Cards & Derived Credentials

E-Sign forms and documents using a digital certificate stored on a smart card, such as a Common Access Card (CAC) or a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card. This provides two- and even three-factor authentication with something the user knows (the PIN for their smartcard), something the user has (the card), and sometimes even a biometric identifier (something the user is).

Digital Certificates

Leverage digital certificates issued by third-party Trust Service Providers (TSPs) or by your own public key infrastructure (PKI). We support digital certificates stored locally on the user’s system, electronic ID (eID) cards, remote digital certificates stored in the cloud, and hardware tokens to authenticate the identity of signers.


OneSpan Sign integrates with OneSpan’s multi-factor authentication and mobile security solutions to support strong authentication with one-time passwords (OTP) and/or visual cryptograms during the upfront user authentication and at the time of signing. Multi-factor authentication provides a constructive element of layered security by requiring users to prove their identities using two or more verification methods before they can access and complete the transaction.

Optimized Signing Experience

Optimized Signing Experience

The signing process should be intuitive and easy for your signers. Discover the different ways OneSpan Sign offers an optimized signing experience anywhere, anytime, and across multiple devices.


Completely white-label the e-signature process and put your brand front and center on web pages and emails that signers see. Add your logo and customize the email content and sender domain to reflect your brand and retain full control over the look-and-feel of your web application. A fully branded transaction reinforces customer trust and ensures you achieve the highest adoption rates.

White-labeling also protects your brand and your customers and deters sophisticated phishing scammers from making you their next target.

Remote and In-person Signing Options

Send documents for signature and let recipients e-sign in a face-to-face scenario or remotely over the Web. Create the best signer experience for any channel and process – whether that’s online, on a mobile device, in a call center, in-branch, or in-person. OneSpan Sign is mobile-optimized and can automatically detect small form factor devices such as smart phones.

Accessibility Support

OneSpan Sign’s accessibility support enables blind and visually impaired signers to review and sign documents that are presented with supported browser and accessibility tools. This component respects the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA.

Mobile Signature Capture

Turn your signer’s mobile device into a mobile signature capture pad to capture handwritten signatures. Cross-device support for desktop users to e-sign from their mobile device. No app or plug-in required. Learn more.

Offline Signing

The OneSpan Sign mobile app includes an offline signing capability that enables you to sign anywhere regardless of your Wi-Fi connection or cellphone signal. Once internet connectivity is re-established, the app will automatically synchronize with the online service.

Self-serve Branding

Use self-serve branding options from the Admin panel to add your company logo and customize the colors and text strings, so your brand is truly front and center with your signers.


Simultaneously review documents with signers by guiding them through multi-step agreement processes, pass control to different participants, and fill out and sign forms together. The goal is to recreate a face-to-face interaction – as if you were signing a paper-and-pen agreement in-person. Learn more about OneSpan Sign Virtual Room.

Video Conferencing

Complete e-signature transactions in a live, real-time video call with signers with built-in video conferencing. Learn more about OneSpan Sign Virtual Room.

Transaction Management and Reporting

Transaction Management and Reporting

Manage bulk transactions and gain visibility into your account activity with reporting capabilities to track all your incoming and outgoing transactions in OneSpan Sign.


Monitor the progress of your transactions in real time, and manage and archive all your critical e-signature transactions in OneSpan Sign and/or your system of record. The dashboard allows you to view and track e-sign transactions.


Run reports on transactions, signers, and overall activity in your OneSpan Sign account

Bulk Send

Bulk Send saves you time when you need to send documents to multiple recipients for signature. This feature helps eliminate the need to prepare individual transactions. Start by importing your list of recipients, prepare documents for signature, and press send. Your recipients receive a unique copy of the document to e-sign. 

Fast Track

Fast Track creates a dedicated URL for your transaction that can be embedded into your website or secure portal. Zero integration or development is required. This feature is ideal for high volume, repeatable processes such as NDAs and standard contracts.

Security, Compliance & Audit

Security, Compliance & Audit

Some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations trust OneSpan Sign for their e-signature needs. Security is our priority. We take the necessary steps and have safeguards to provide a secure solution, to meet industry-standard security requirements, and ensure that data is safe at all times.

Tamper-sealed Documents

OneSpan Sign uses advanced digital signature technology, an encryption method to tamper seal documents after each signature and visibly invalidate documents if any changes are made. This built-in security guarantees the integrity of the e-signed document and helps protect you and your customers from fraudulent behavior.

Single, Unified Audit Trail

When legal disputes arise involving electronic transactions, OneSpan Sign creates the best possible evidence. OneSpan Sign is the ONLY solution in the market to capture a single audit trail of the entire agreement process – from identity verification and authentication to e-signature. This includes the ID and authentication check method used and the detailed results of the verification. As a result, you get a complete picture of the transaction with strong identity assurance to demonstrate compliance.

Embedded Audit Trail

OneSpan Sign also embeds details about the e-signature transaction within the signed PDF, including who signed, the date and time of signing, and the digital certificate used to digitally sign the document. The digital signature (hashing and encryption) allows verification of the validity of the document since the time of signing to ensure non-repudiation of the e-signed record. Easily verify the signed document by clicking the signature block. This opens the audit trail and automatically verifies both signer authentication and document validity. Learn more about OneSpan Sign’s embedded audit trail.

Document Flattening

OneSpan Sign strips out any dynamic content from the document before processing it. As a result, any form-field used as a vehicle to replace content via overlay is stripped from the document, and the attack will be automatically neutralized.

Cloud Security

Security-conscious organizations are looking for assurance that the vendors they work with meet the necessary security requirements. OneSpan Sign is hosted in state-of-the-art SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, FedRAMP and HIPAA compliant data centers around the world. OneSpan Sign meets additional security control and compliance requirements including: ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, SOC 2 Type II, Skyhigh, HIPAA, FedRAMP, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), and National Security Agency’s National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP). Learn more about OneSpan Sign Compliance Audits and Certifications.

Key Management Service

A signed document and its related data is encrypted by OneSpan Sign at all times using state-of-the-art encryption technology. OneSpan Sign follows security best practices by offering a best in class Key Management System (KMS) that includes shared and private key management options.

Virus Scanning of Attachments

Documents uploaded as attachments by signers are immediately scanned for malware. If a malicious document is detected, OneSpan Sign blocks the document and prevents signers from uploading it in the signing workflow. 

Open APIs and Integration

Open APIs and Integration

Fully automate the e-signature process with your web portal, business applications, core systems, and mobile apps. Discover our powerful APIs, SDKs and resources we have available to you.

Open REST API and Fully Supported SDKs

Build your own custom integration to OneSpan Sign using our public REST API and fully supported .NET, Java, APEX, and iOS and Android SDKs. Our tools facilitate rapid development, testing, and deployment. 

Advanced Workflow Customization

Fully customize the document preparation and signing workflows and trigger specific events for your unique business processes and customer transactions to ensure the highest possible adoption.

Seamlessly integrate OneSpan Sign with your upstream (e.g., document generation) and downstream (e.g., archival & storage) processes.

Third-party Data Fields

Tightly integrate with and link your data fields to/from other apps and systems. Data moves bidirectionally — from the third-party system to your document and vice versa.

Single Sign-on (SSO) Integration

Set up SAML to allow your company’s users to login to OneSpan Sign using single sign-on (SSO).

Sandbox Environment

OneSpan Sign gives you access to a robust sandbox environment to facilitate rapid development and testing of our solution.

Administration and Controls

Administration and Controls

OneSpan Sign includes centralized administration capabilities to manage user and account permissions across the organization.

Enterprise Administration

Account administrators can effectively manage users and multiple accounts from a centralized location. This includes organizing multiple accounts into sub-accounts, control sharing abilities between users and accounts, and leveraging self-service branding capabilities across all accounts.

Groups and Permissions

Manage role-based signing rules using groups and permissions. Requests for signatures can be managed, delegated, and shared among members of a group.

Access Delegation

Grant others in your organization access to your account while you’re away from the office. Assigned delegates can send and sign documents on your behalf during your absence. Learn more.

Security Settings

Ensure your users have strong passwords when accessing OneSpan Sign. Set rules for password strength, including the number of days before a password can be changed, limit failed login attempts, and more.

Data Retention

Allow administrators to define a transaction purging schedule that meets their organization’s needs. Administrators can determine the types of documents and in which time frame those documents should be deleted. 

Global Support


Customers worldwide rely on OneSpan Sign to meet their e-signature needs. OneSpan Sign offers global language support, time zone support, and helps international clients meet in-country compliance.

Accredited by Indecopi

Indecopi is a leading organization in the digital security industry in Peru. OneSpan Sign is the first and only Global, Full-Service Enterprise Electronic and Digital Signature platform that is accredited by Indecopi. This accreditation means that digital signatures generated by OneSpan Sign can be recognized as having the same validity and legal effectiveness as a handwritten signature.

Global Language Support

OneSpan Sign supports English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Danish, Greek, and Arabic.

Standards-Based Signatures (eIDAS and ZertES)

OneSpan Sign is designed to enable signing at the highest levels of trust, meeting the requirements for all three types of e-signature outlined in the eIDAS regulation: Simple E-Signature (SES), Advanced E-Signature (AES), and Qualified E-Signature (QES). In addition, OneSpan Sign meets the stringent trust requirements set forth under ZertES, the Swiss Federal law. Visit our E-Signature Legality Guide to learn more.

Qualified Timestamp

OneSpan Sign supports timestamping by connecting to a qualified timestamp server – binding the e-signature data with a trusted timestamp to independently provide when a particular transaction took place. The resulting timestamp further strengthens the integrity of the electronic signature.

Time Zone Support

OneSpan Sign is available in all time zones. We give you the flexibility to customize your preferred time zone at the account level and at the transaction level. 

Additional OneSpan Sign Solutions

Additional OneSpan Sign Solutions

Discover other solutions OneSpan Sign has to offer to extend the use of e-signatures across your organization.

Pre-built Connectors

Access OneSpan Sign’s pre-built e-signature connectors for user-driven processes across your organization. Pre-built connectors help automate the e-signature process without ever-leaving your business applications. We offer the following pre-built connectors: Salesforce, Salesforce CPQ, WorkdayMicrosoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Box, Office 365, Laserfiche, Pega, Guidewire, and more.

Print Driver

The Print Driver eliminates the need to manually upload documents to OneSpan Sign for signature. It acts like a printer by preparing any printable document for e-signing directly to OneSpan Sign and lets you ‘print’ to OneSpan Sign directly from your Windows-based application – no coding required.

Mobile Apps

Access your account and create and manage transactions from the OneSpan Sign native mobile app for iOS and Android. We also offer a mobile SDK that helps you integrate e-signing capabilities into your existing mobile apps. Learn more about mobile e-signatures.


Transfer e-signed documents directly to a secure vault or electronic archiving system. We partner with eOriginal and to help you manage and protect documents such as loans and leases after they have been signed in OneSpan Sign.

OneSpan Notary

OneSpan Notary is a fully integrated, all-in-one, cloud-based solution that enables notaries to facilitate In-person Electronic Notarization (IPEN) and Remote Online Notarization (RON) sessions with clients in a secure fashion.

OneSpan Notary includes live electronic signature, secure videoconferencing, strong identity proofing options like ID Verification and Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA), rich collaboration features, ability to upload eNotary Seal, recording, eJournaling, and audit trail capabilities in a single solution.

Support and Additional Resources

Support and Additional Resources

OneSpan Sign provides a wide range of support options and resources to ensure the future success of your investment in our solution.

Technical Support

We provide email, phone and live chat technical support on all OneSpan Sign plans to troubleshoot your product-related issues until the problem is resolved. We also provide access to online documentation with complete deployment and user guides to help you quickly get started. Learn more.

Support Plans

Whether you’re a small or a large organization, we’ve got your back when it comes to choosing a support plan that fits your needs. OneSpan offers a range of support plans from standard support to extended support plan options for customers requiring additional technical expertise post-deployment. Our priority is to help protect your investment and to supplement your project team with assistance to help keep your applications running smoothly, so you can focus on your business.

Professional Services

Our professional services team is made up of project managers, software architects, technical consultants, and QA experts that can provide guidance and best practices for each step of your e-signature implementation. Learn more.

Support Center

Our Support Center gives you access to video tutorials, FAQs, step-by-step instructions to help you get up and running with OneSpan Sign in minutes. Visit our Support Center.

Community Portal

The OneSpan Community Portal is a one-stop-shop for developers to access forums, blogs, documentation, and SDK downloads. Visit our Community Portal.

Trust Center

Get real-time updates on OneSpan Sign’s system status and security information. Visit our Trust Center.

Performance and Availability

Performance and Availability

OneSpan Sign runs its service on highly reliable infrastructures with global data centers. Our customers rely on us to run their businesses and keep mission critical processes moving forward. We continually strive to offer enterprise-class availability and committed to full transparency in providing up-to-date system status updates.

Global Data Centers

OneSpan Sign is hosted in the US, Canada, EU, and Australia to fulfill in-country data residency requirements and ensure minimal data latency. By leveraging the global data center networks of our cloud infrastructure partners, we can also quickly deploy new instances of OneSpan Sign virtually anywhere in the world.

High Uptime Platform Availability

Each instance of OneSpan Sign is hosted on redundant and resilient cloud infrastructures, enabling us to deliver 99.9% uptime to our customers and users worldwide.

Service Availability Status

OneSpan publishes and updates the service availability status on the Trust Center in real-time, for all global OneSpan Sign environments. View the uptime percentages on the Trust Center.

System Status Alerts and Notification

The OneSpan team is committed to full transparency in providing up-to-date system status updates.

Load Testing

Our platform is load tested for the most voluminous usage scenarios. This ensures you can process massive volumes of business transactions while maintaining optimal response times.

Secure Storage

Immutable Storage with OneSpan Trust Vault

Irrefutable Origin Date of the Document

OneSpan Trust Vault guarantees the exact date of origin or creation of a document beyond any doubt. Knowing the exact date of origin or creation of a document with irrefutable certainty instills trust in the document's authenticity. This is crucial for legal, financial, and regulatory purposes, as it eliminates doubts about the document's age and history.

Long-term Protection

Trust Vault protects valuable documents from current and future technologies that may invalidate digital signatures during the lifetime of the agreement.

Robust Tamper Detection and Prevention

Trust Vault offers unparalleled tamper detection capabilities and allows organizations to monitor the integrity of data and detect any attempt at tampering or falsification.

Quantum-safe Proofs Resistant to Hacking

Unlike traditional digital signatures, transactions stored in Trust Vault never expire and cannot be hacked. There is no chance that a Trust Vault proof will be invalidated by the leaking or hacking of a private key, or the expiration of a digital certificate. Trust Vault proofs cannot be jeopardized by future technologies such as quantum computing.

Seamless Integration with OneSpan Sign

Trust Vault is fully integrated with OneSpan Sign, offering a combined solution for enhanced document security storage and e-signature. This integration ensures a streamlined workflow for document signing and management.

User Access Management

Offers granular user access management, allowing organizations to define access privileges for users.

Multi-language Support for Global Accessibility

Caters to a diverse user base and ensures accessibility and usability for a global audience.

Audit Trail

Every user action on a document stored in Trust Vault is meticulously tracked and made accessible through the user interface and API.

Availability via UI and API

Ensures a seamless experience for all users interacting with the product through the user interface (UI) or accessing it via the Application Programming Interface (API).

The information on this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. We recommend that you seek independent professional advice. OneSpan does not accept liability for the contents of these materials.