Why Electronic Signature Audit Evidence Matters [Infographic]

Mary Ellen Power, June 17, 2013
electronic signature audit evidence

We hear plenty of misconceptions around the legality of electronic signatures despite longstanding US electronic signature laws ESIGN Act and UETA. Even in regards to court cases, there has been plenty of precedent set with case law holding up e-signatures in court. So to settle any confusion once and for all, OneSpan has created an infographic around how and why e-signature evidence matters, citing resources found in white papers based on 20+ years of experience in the e-signature industry as well as facts from actual cases citing e-signatures. We’ve taken the top points from both the article and years of case law and converted them into an easy-to-read infographic that explains how e-signatures:

Why Electronic Signature Audit Evidence Matters

  • Resolve disputes over e-signed contracts
  • Keep businesses out of court
  • Help organizations respond quickly in the event of a dispute
  • Lower the cost of e-discovery
  • And more.


Electronic Signature

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This infographic will help an organization’s legal, risk, compliance and IT staff understand how an electronic contract is presented and signed online, providing evidence and eliminating future risk around potential disputes as to whether a contract or agreement was presented, reviewed and signed. Have a look at the infographic below and please share this with your colleagues so we can dispel the myths around the legality of e-signatures for good!