Secure Agreement Automation Features

Transform financial agreement processes into seamless, secure digital experiences

Secure Agreement Automation Features

Digitizing the end-to-end agreement process

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Digital Identity Verification

Verification Hub

OneSpan Verification Hub gives financial institutions access to a wide range of digital identity verification services, all through a single cloud service and API.

ID Document Verification

ID document verification uses artificial intelligence (AI) and authenticity algorithms to determine whether an image of an ID document, such as a passport or driver’s license, is genuine or fraudulent.

Facial Comparison

Facial comparison extracts biometric data from a selfie and compares the data against an image in an authenticated ID document to determine whether a remote user is genuine and present.

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Secure Document Signing


OneSpan Sign balances ease of use with the highest levels of security and compliance to deliver risk-free electronic signatures for account opening and financial agreements. 

Digital Signatures

Digital Signature security ties together signing intent with the information that was agreed to at the time of signing. It also locks down and tamper proofs the e-signed document so unauthorized changes can’t slip by unnoticed.

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Workflow and UX Design

Visual Workflow Designer

Visually map out workflows for the end-to-end financial agreement process. Drag-and-drop interface and pre-defined actions simplify the task of building ID verification and signing workflows.

Mobile Optimized UX

Easy-to-understand instructions help applicants move seamlessly through the process, including the mobile ID capture, biometric verification, and e-signature stages on their mobile devices.


Completely white-label the financial agreement process and put your brand front and center for applicants to see. A fully branded customer experience reinforces customer loyalty and ensures the highest adoption rates.​

audit trails

Digital Audit Trails

Customer Identification

OneSpan captures a full audit trail of the agreement process, including identification checks and all actions performed by the customer.

Transaction Event Timeline

OneSpan captures a full timeline of all timestamped events. Whenever an action is performed by a customer or a page is loaded, all events will be recorded in the audit trail.

Web Page Recording and Replay​

Includes recording of all web pages presented to the customer during the agreement process. Supports web page replay with event timeline to reveal exactly what the customer did and saw during the agreement process.

Strong Partner Innovations

Strategic technology partner relationships ensure rapid integration of new fraud tools and capabilities designed to stay ahead of sophisticated fraud schemes.

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Public Cloud

Can be hosted on a public cloud, leveraging the latest functionality and security updates with high availability, daily back-ups, disaster recovery (as an option), 24/7 monitoring, and intrusion protection. GDPR compliance ensures each tenant is fully encrypted and provides a streamlined process to remove PII on demand.