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Partner with the e-signature expert trusted by some of the world’s leading financial brands.

How it works

The only e-signature service built on 20+ years’ experience, OneSpan makes it easy to go digital without any risk. Get an overview of OneSpan’s unique value and see how we capture secure, compliant e-signatures.


Banks, credit unions, and financial services providers are modernizing the customer experience with e-signatures to deliver a fully digital experience on any device. Customers can now open a bank account, close a mortgage, and apply for insurance without paper slowing the process.

In addition to digital transformation, electronic signature technology aligns with broader strategic goals such as compliance, profitability, and growth. For example, with e-signatures come controlled workflows and comprehensive audit trails that make it easier to demonstrate compliance. Digitization eliminates costly manual processing. And flexible options enable an optimal experience across all channels, including online, mobile, call center, and branch.     

OneSpan Sign is the industry standard for B2C signing transactions. Benefit from our proven technology, best practices, and commitment to making even the most regulated organizations successful with e-signatures.

Business Goals

Improve customer experience, meet compliance challenges, and improve profitability

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    Customer Experience

    Meet your customers’ and users’ expectations to e-sign anytime, any place, on any device and in any channel

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    Increase Efficiency

    Reduce manual processing effort and delays by automating document preparation and signing workflows

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    Legal & Compliance

    Strengthen compliance and deter legal disputes by capturing comprehensive audit trails that prove what happened

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    Prevent Fraud

    Prevent signed documents
    from being altered in between signers and e-signatures from being copied and pasted

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    Reduce Errors

    Automate workflows and enforce business rules to eliminate document signing errors and omissions

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    Reduce Cost

    Eliminate the cost of printing, shipping, scanning and correcting documents with missing signatures, and data

Our Capabilities

Whether you’re looking for an out-of-the-box or fully integrated solution on the cloud or on-premises, we’ve got you covered

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    Developer API / SDKs

    Fully customize and integrate e-signatures with your applications and systems

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    Mobile API / SDKs

    Enhance your mobile app with e-signing capabilities to create a modern customer experience

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    Manage, track, and store the authoritative copy of e-signed mortgage notes and loan contracts in an electronic vault

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    Web App

    Start using e-signatures in minutes for just $20 per user, per month, with our out-of-the-box web app  

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    Mobile Apps

    Give users the ability to send and sign documents on the go with our native mobile e-signature app

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    Pre-built Connectors

    Drop e-signatures into Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, and other third-party apps – no coding required 

Frictionless Mobile Experience

Harness the power of biometrics, fraud analysis, and e-signature technology to increase your share of the customer’s wallet through a secure and frictionless mobile experience.

Case Studies

  • With 1,497 bank branches across the Southern U.S., SunTrust serves consumer, business, corporate, and institutional clients.

    A OneSpan Sign e-signature embeds all the necessary forensics in the PDF. Our legal team felt this was stronger than just an ink signature; they liked it better.

    — Marc Fabre, Head of Support Services and Group Vice President, Treasury Operations

  • In 2011, U.S. Bank went live with e-signatures in 3,000+ branches, for consumer and SMB loans. The bank has since extended electronic signatures to deposit account openings.

    We started at 70% of all loan account openings having e-signatures, and within a year we were up to 85%, which is where we stayed for the five years after that. For deposits we're at 90% [adoption].

    — Ron Eddy, Associate Vice President for Technology and Operations

  • OneMain, formerly Springleaf Financial Services, provides subprime direct-to-consumer loans in the US.

    E-signature was a key part of the execution on our web-based initiative. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to compete in the online market.

    — David Smith, IT Vice President of Applications Systems

Leverage Our Expertise

OneSpan is committed to helping you to identify the right security technologies to meet your business goals from growth to user experience, compliance, and more.