Cash Canada Financial Speeds Up Loan Processing with eSignLive E-Signatures

June 13, 2013
MONTREAL, QC, June 14, 2013 – Silanis Technology, a leader in enterprise electronic signature solutions with over 600 million documents processed annually, today announced that Cash Canada Financial, a leading financial services organization providing short term loans, has implemented Silanis’ e-signing service e-SignLive™. This addition of electronic signatures into Cash Canada’s online and in-branch lending process ensures the company’s customers are able to instantaneously access funds without delay. Cash Canada operates a number of offices across three Canadian provinces from which it issues short term loans, however its decision to implement Silanis’ e-signature service came from a desire to grow the company’s online operations. “We’re using the ability to electronically sign loan applications to help build our online presence,” said Cash Canada Vice President of Operations Raymond Wilson. “We’re also able to offer better customer service, giving faster loan access to remote customers who may not be able to make it into a branch,” continued Wilson. To sign for a short term loan through Cash Canada, customers used to need access to either a fax machine or computer to be able to receive the loan documentation, print it off, sign it and either fax or scan it back to the company. The whole process could take a couple of hours depending on the customer’s ability to access the needed fax machine or computer. By adding e-signatures into Cash Canada’s short term loans process, the company is now able to offer its customers the ability to complete a loan safely, securely and instantaneously from anywhere with internet access via a laptop, tablet PC or smartphone. This has translated into more customers and increased business for Cash Canada. “We love helping our customers grow their business with e-signatures,” said Silanis CEO and co-founder Tommy Petrogiannis. “Straight-through processing is such an integral part of our online world and the key to quickly onboarding new customers while also delivering exceptional customer service and experience,” continued Petrogiannis. Organizations can learn more about how Silanis e-signatures can benefit their business at About Silanis Silanis is the most widely used e-signature solution in the world, responsible for processing more than 600 million documents annually. Founded in 1992, Silanis’ solutions e-Sign Enterprise and e-SignLive enable thousands of organizations, including four of the top 10 North American banks, eight of the top 15 insurance companies and the entire US Army to accelerate business transactions, improve customer experience and reduce costs while improving compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Silanis provides the most flexible deployment options with its on-premise, cloud and SaaS e-signature solutions, eliminating manual, paper-based processing and enabling e-commerce and e-government transactions to be electronically executed from start to finish.