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| August 11, 2019
How Organizations Can Build Trust And Security Through Digital Identities
Identity and access management (IAM) solutions form an important part of the digital experience - and interestingly, customers aren’t too excited about it. By verifying users, a large number of platforms are able to boost trust, reduce fraudulent activities, increase sales and revenue.
Media Coverage
| August 8, 2019   |
Peter Walker
FCA and UK Finance expected to delay SCA
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is set to delay enforcement of the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) payment security rules by than 18 months, on the recommendation of UK Finance.
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| August 5, 2019
Capital One Hack – The Industry Reacts
Over 100 million people affected in Capital One’s breach, 147 million in Equifax – two of the biggest in an ever-growing line-up of attacks through web application firewalls that are used to protect consumer-facing apps. Here, Eyal Wachsman, CEO of Cymulate and Will LaSala of OneSpan share their insights…
Media Coverage
| August 1, 2019   |
Karen Epper Hoffman
Why vendor security matters to your bank
Today’s fraudsters may choose to attack a community bank’s digital platforms or physical branches and ATMs. But what happens when a cybersecurity vendor isn’t well versed in physical security, or vice versa?