Trust Vault Datasheet

Leverage blockchain to secure your most valuable documents – now and in the future.

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the ease with which stored data and documents can be created, altered, or erased, has profound implications for regulatory bodies and the entities they oversee. As technology such as AI and quantum-computing advances, the reliability of digitally stored information becomes increasingly uncertain.

To protect and secure high-value contracts and agreements, organizations need to ensure the authenticity and credibility of documents for the duration of their lifetime. Regulations in specific sectors also require proof of authenticity for digital assets, such as proof of origin, independent audit, and storage access controls.

Increased fraud attacks on cloud storage solutions undermine trust in their ability to safeguard high-value documents and guarantee their integrity. In addition, security threats such as the theft or leakage of a Certificate Authority’s private key can also result in the compromise of digital certificates and manipulation of signed contracts.

To overcome these challenges, organizations need a digital document storage solution that guarantees the long-term credibility of high-value contracts and agreements. Vaulting solutions built on blockchain technology protect against any attempts at tampering or falsification and offer immutable proof of the integrity of digital documents.

Common use cases

OneSpan Trust Vault serves as a repository for valuable digital documents that must preserve their integrity over time.

Typical use cases include:

  • Personal and commercial lending: Credit card applications, mortgages, auto finance, personal and business loans.
  • Legal contracts and agreements: Wills, property deeds, titles, court papers, corporate contracts, and T&Cs.
  • Healthcare documents: Medical consent and patient onboarding forms.
  • Government records: Tax declarations, certificates, and licenses.
  • Insurance: Claims, policy documents, and claims forms.

Trust Vault for OneSpan Sign

Fully integrated with OneSpan Sign, OneSpan Trust Vault leverages blockchain technology to guarantee the integrity and long-term viability of high-value digital documents.

The immutable storage solution safeguards against unauthorized access and tampering, ensures the authenticity of documents, protects against long-term and future technology risks, and addresses regulatory requirements for proof of origin, independent audit, and more.

OneSpan Trust Vault complies with the strictest data handling requirements. Documents stored in Trust Vault incorporate indisputable proof of origin, unbreakable tamper detection, long-term protection, and a comprehensive audit trail.

OneSpan Trust Vault combines traditional digital signatures with quantum-safe blockchain technology. These quantum-safe blockchain signatures prove the origin date and integrity of the digital agreements and are not dependent on private keys that might be leaked or hacked.

How it works

When a document is added to the OneSpan Trust Vault, cryptographic proof certificates of the document are created. These signatures are aggregated and anchored to a public blockchain. Once anchored to the public blockchain, the certificates form an impeccable and irrefutable proof of document state and origin time. The blockchain record – which cannot be altered by any known technology – proves the overall integrity and origin of signed documents in the OneSpan Trust Vault, eliminating any possibility of undetected tampering or backdating.

Why OneSpan Trust Vault

Streamlined and error-resistant operations
Combines e-signature and digital secure storage capabilities in a single end-to-end platform, simplifying workflows and reducing errors. Employees can focus on their core tasks, confident that the system will seamlessly handle the workflow management.

Robust tamper detection and prevention
Protects against any internal and external attempt at tampering or falsification.

Decentralized trust goes beyond OneSpan
Due to its blockchain foundation, Trust Vault is a decentralized digital storage, which means that trust is decoupled and extends beyond OneSpan.

Protection against digital storage risks
Safeguards against digital certificate expiration and compromise through leaks, hacks, etc.

Full end-to-end audit
Audit trail gives visibility on all user actions related to signed documents.

Irrefutable proof certificates
Irrefutable proof certificates extend beyond data validation, establishing an indisputable level of trust. This cryptographic layer adds an additional dimension of credibility to stored documents.

Non-repudiation of artifact origin
Ensures indisputable proof of the artifact’s origin, preserving authenticity over time.

Key features and benefits

Irrefutable origin date
Knowing the exact date of origin or creation of a document with irrefutable certainty instills trust in the document’s authenticity. This is crucial for legal, financial, and regulatory purposes, as it eliminates doubts about the document’s age and history.

Robust tamper detection and prevention
Organizations can maintain the integrity of their documents with confidence, knowing that any attempt at tampering will be promptly detected. This is essential for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of valuable documents.

End-to-end audit trail
Every user action of the transaction is meticulously tracked and made accessible through the platform. This helps organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements and demonstrates a commitment to transparency and accountability.

Automated workflows
Organizations can ensure that every step in the signing and storage process is embedded in the workflow which leads to reduced human error and also saves time.