eSignLive Technology & Bionetrix Team To Make E-Business Applications More Secure

December 5, 1999

ApproveIt's Electronic Approval Technology Enhanced by BioNetrix Authentication Suite™

Montreal, QC & Vienna, VA, December 6, 1999 — With the advent of enterprise interest in e-business and collaboration technology, the demand for secure access to, and exchange of, corporate information assets has become top of mind for both corporate executives and information technology managers. Silanis Technology Inc.' and authentication innovator BioNetrix today announced a partnership forged to address the security and usability uncertainties that surround the deployment of e-business applications. The combined power of ApproveIt', Silanis' electronic signature and approval software, with the BioNetrix Authentication Suite will provide customers with a best-of-breed user and document authentication solution that can be leveraged across networks and the web.

"Organizations have been forced to rely on 'stovepipe' authentication solutions to control access to the different assets that are dispersed across their e-business infrastructure. In our experience, this has proved to be frustrating and confusing to the end user," says Tommy Petrogiannis, President of Silanis Technology. "BioNetrix has positioned itself on the leading edge of technology by providing a standard, open platform that offers central management and control of all authentication technologies, both biometric and non-biometric. Our partnership will allow Silanis customers to select authentication solutions that best meet the unique needs of their organization today and that will enhance their electronic document signing and business approval processes in future."

The technological synergy between Silanis and BioNetrix is mirrored by their dual focus of providing the market with innovative, value-added solutions that can be leveraged across the enterprise. This comes as a result of a long standing working relationship between the executive management of the two companies and from their common understanding of the needs of enterprise to enhance the use of their existing technology and procedures in order to create scaleable e-business applications.

"As an Authorized Silanis ApproveIt Provider (ASAP), we are providing our customers with the ability to add further value to their authentication and access control applications by expanding functionality to the electronic signing of documents with ApproveIt, " says Pete Bianco, President and CEO of BioNetrix. "The partnership is therefore expected to broaden BioNetrix's presence in the market, specifically in the government, insurance and pharmaceutical spaces in which Silanis dominates, by providing these users with direct access to these powerful technologies that will protect their vital digital assets."

As part of the new partnership, Silanis has also joined the BioSEC Alliance, an industry coalition dedicated to making it easier and more economical for companies to deploy powerful authentication solutions. All BioSEC partner products integrate directly into the BioSEC framework, which is supported by the BioNetrix Authentication Suite. The companies also plan to work together to further enhance their offerings to customers in the financial and telecommunications markets that require advanced authentication and electronic signing capabilities. It is expected the technology combination will prove to provide these users with the security and automation tools they provide to establish end-to-end electronic business processes.

About Silanis

Founded in 1992, Silanis Technology Inc. develops ApproveIt, the industry's first and only multi-signature electronic approval management software. Over 400 organizations use Silanis products in government, business, insurance, medical, and health care sectors, including the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, TRW, Williams Group, Nationwide Insurance, and National City Bank. Silanis software is recognized for its mature feature set, security, ease-of-use, and simple integration.

About BioNetrix

BioNetrix is the only authentication innovator to provide an Authentication Management Infrastructure (AMI) that reduces costs and increases security in all computing environments through the deployment of superior authentication technologies - from passwords, tokens and smart cards to fingerprints, facial recognition and voice verification. The company's flagship solution, the BioNetrix Authentication Suite™, is a flexible, standardized open platform that incorporates any authentication technology, provides role-based policies, complements existing security infrastructures and is easy to use and administer. BioNetrix delivers the security environment government and corporate organizations need to conclusively verify users and provide the security backbone necessary for trusted and secure e-commerce. Privately held, BioNetrix is headquartered in Vienna, Va., and is accessible via the Web at