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Jan Valcke’s resume reads like the history of strong user authentication itself. Mr Valcke was co-founder and member of the board of director of Digiline, the company that developed and marketed the first Digipass strong authentication tokens, back in 1991. From the early start on, Jan Valcke has been one of the architects of VASCO’s leading position as a provider of strong authentication products to the banking world.

In 1992, Valcke was responsible for Digiline’s first major banking deal, being the purchase of 20 000 Digipass units by the Belgian Generale Bank (the later FORTIS). From 1992 until joining VASCO in 1996, he served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Digipass NV/SA, a member of the Digiline International group. In this position, Jan Valcke dramatically strengthened the position of Digipass as THE strong authentication solution for financial institutions. Digiline/Digipass was acquired in 1996 by VASCO. Jan Valcke took responsibility for the worldwide sales of the new company.

In 2000, Jan Valcke became VASCO’s Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing. Mr Valcke managed worldwide sales, marketing, business development, and product management for both the Digipass and VACMAN product lines. In this period, Jan Valcke brought VASCO’s products to new territories and new markets such as the corporate network access market. At the end of 2002, Jan Valcke was called to become VASCO’s President and COO and co-lead the company towards profitability. As COO, Jan Valcke is responsible for the operational management of VASCO.

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