OneSpan Sign Release 11.27: Sender UI Change and Other Updates

Duo Liang, June 26, 2019
OneSpan Sign Release 11.27: Sender UI Change and Other Updates

OneSpan Sign version 11.27 was recently deployed to the preview and sandbox environment. You can find the deployment dates for all our environments on our Trust Center page.

In this blog, we’ll introduce and explore the major updates to OneSpan Sign, starting with the UI changes in the Web Portal and then walking through other important changes in production behavior. Through this blog, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of what is available in the new version.

Sender UI Changes in OneSpan Sign Release 11.27

Updated Signer Language


The user interface viewed by the document sender (Sender UI) now enables senders to view and update the language of the document for package signers. This drop-down is available in each signer’s setting panel by:

•    Hovering on each recipient line 
•    Clicking the gear setting icon


1. If a signer has a OneSpan Sign account, the person’s language will be aligned with their account setting and cannot be altered at package level language setting.
2. For a list of all supported languages in OneSpan Sign, refer to this documentation

Designer View: Allowing Duplicating Fields


Release 11.27 offers a new feature for Designer View that allows a user to duplicate a form field. When adding or selecting a field, a drop-down menu will appear offering the option to duplicate the current item.


1. Field dimensions and field attributes like “default value”, “is required”, and “max length” will be copied. Field Name will not be copied and Field ID will be regenerated.
2. Users can duplicate fields using the standard keyboard hotkeys Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V
3. Users cannot duplicate fields between documents, even using the hotkeys.

In addition to this feature, the UI Design for individual fields has also been updated:

1. The drop-down menu will be automatically expanded when the field is created.
2. For signature fields, only other available types (excluding the current signature type) will be shown in the list.

For more information, review our Designer Customization and Integration blog series and Designer Guide.

Email Notification Improvements


This email template now introduces a new parameter representing the locked signer’s email. Once a signer is locked, the user will receive an email which includes the signer email, as shown below:6-26-3

This change has be applied to default email template. If you have a customized template and want to use this feature, review the documentation, update your template HTML, and send it to our support team.


In previous versions of OneSpan Sign, signers would receive an email for each individual attachment rejected by the system. If there were multiple attachements associated with a package, it would lead to multiple, nearly identical, emails being delivered to the signer.  In version 11.27, however, only one email will be sent providing a link back to signing ceremony room and allowing the signer to re-upload attachments.

Prevent Signer Updates During Signing Ceremony

Version 11.27 includes a production behavior change that forbids a sender from updating a signer once they have begun the signing ceremony. Accepting a consent document also counts for signing for the purposes of this change.

In the Web Portal, the recipient line will be grayed out in edit mode after the signer has begun signing.7-23-1

For Integrated Users, trying to update a partially signed signer will create the error message below:

    "messageKey": "error.validation.cannotEditSignerAfterSigning",
    "message": "Recipient information cannot be updated because the recipient has already begun signing.",
    "code": 400

Return Package ID Only

As an integrator, it is useful to be able to retrieve a list of completed packages within a certain period of time and then perform bulk download, archive, or delete actions. 

To begin this process, the integrator must retrieve a list of package IDs. In previous versions of OneSpan Sign, all package metadata would be returned through the request, forcing the user to filter through a lot of superfluous information. Version 11.27 alleviates this pain point with an API enhancement. 

Now in the “Retrieve a list of packages” API, we introduced a parameter named “fields”. This helps users pinpoint the desired attribute they want to return. For the moment, the only available value is “ID”, that returns a list of package IDs.

HTTP Request

GET /api/packages?from=1&to=5&query=COMPLETED&fields=id

HTTP Headers

Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic api_key

So, a sample response payload could appear as such:

    "results": [
            "id": "U2BJXaTEHPRqHTBS49oyl6Qgv1s="
            "id": "cwNu0iYSsBva8WlAJITDw86XISw="
            "id": "mfvjbPQJucAnLrLkzoRdYtvLniU="
            "id": "ahZJ3MIE9KKp7uFg6qsw7BuI4m4="
            "id": "5YV7giRKX6jF3poO8uRM0CT4l_0="
    "count": 381

For a more detailed explanation of this feature, review the API documentation for all optional query parameters.

If you have any questions regarding this blog or anything else concerning integrating OneSpan Sign into your application, visit the Developer Community Forums. Your feedback matters to us!

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