Dude, Where’s My Data? Salesforce Apps and Data Residency in Canada

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Data residency has become a hot topic in the world of cloud computing. When using cloud services, one of the most common questions is, "Where’s my data?" Depending on the specific countries in which you operate, you may need to keep data within a defined geography.

Let’s take a look at the Canadian market. There’s no question that the appetite for the cloud is growing stronger. In fact, according to market research firm IDC, the cloud is expected to grow to a $1.39 billion business in Canada by next year – with Salesforce taking the top SaaS vendor spot.

As Canadian businesses increasingly move customer transactions to the cloud however, concerns over data sovereignty have resulted in additional barriers to cloud adoption. For many of these organizations, data residency is a top concern and has become a common obstacle in the implementation of cloud services.

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Last year, Salesforce announced new data centers in Canada to support its growing Canadian customer base. This was great news for Canadian firms who clearly want more cloud computing but are increasingly concerned about where data is stored.

Do your Salesforce apps meet your data residency needs?

The Salesforce AppExchange recently hit a landmark 3 million installs. If you’re a Canadian firm using Salesforce as your core CRM platform, are you sure that the apps associated with your CRM meet your data residency requirements? Fortunately, the rapidly growing cloud market in Canada is creating alternatives that keep data on Canadian soil. For example, last year we partnered with IBM SoftLayer to offer Canadian organizations of all sizes access to e-signature services where data and documents reside in Canada.

Our footprint isn't limited to the US and Canada. By leveraging the global data center networks of our technology partners, we can deploy instances of e-SignLive anywhere in the world to help fulfill the data privacy and residency needs of businesses around the globe.

With the latest release of our e-SignLive for Salesforce app, we enable Canadian firms using Salesforce to connect to the instance of our e-signature service hosted in Canada. Now, businesses using Salesforce can choose an e-signature app that best suits their business needs with transparency to where data resides.

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While data privacy and residency aren’t always deal-breakers for businesses in Canada, Canadians want choice. Visit the Salesforce AppExchange to download our e-signature app that offers true data residency in Canada. And if you’re in Toronto, make sure you connect with us at the Salesforce World Tour in Toronto on May 14th and attend our theatre session on CRM + E-Signatures: Digitizing the Sales Process.

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