2021 Technology Trends & Predictions

Technology experts discuss their top predictions for the future of innovation, cybersecurity and digital transformation in financial services. 

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2021 Technology Trends & Predictions
Predictions Podcast

2021 Technology Trends & Predictions

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After rapid digitization to establish remote processes and ensure business continuity, the financial technology landscape looks remarkably different than it did only a year ago.

In OneSpan's 2021 Prediction Podcast, three technology experts discuss their top innovation, cybersecurity and digital transformation predictions for banks and other financial institutions in 2021. 


  • Benoit Grangé - Chief Technology Evangelist, OneSpan 
  • Conor Hickey - Director of Solution Engineering, OneSpan
  • Daniel Mcloughlin - Principal Technical Account Manager, OneSpan
  • Sarah Dixon (Host) - Content Strategy Senior Manager, OneSpan

In this podcast, you will learn: 

  • The top technologies to look out for in 2021 - including biometrics, machine learning, and ID scanning. 
  • How banks will continue to accelerate digitization programs in 2021.
  • Why banks are moving to platform-based cloud technologies for better integration, scalability, and speed.

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