New Digital eMortgage Suite Demo

At Digital Mortgage 2016, eSignLive executive Michael Laurie walked the audience through a 2-step hybrid eClosing demo of our brand new product suite, showing how the borrower and the notary can electronically sign the mortgage note and security instrument.

Recorded On: December 8 2016 Length: 7 minutes  

eMortgage Demo Highlights

  • Fully digital closing
  • How the lender accesses loan documents in a cloud-based eVault
  • Integration of SMART Docs and the eVault registration process with MERS
  • Transfer of the loan to investors in >7 minutes
  • How to transform the borrower experience, on any device

“What we’re showing is an in person eClosing that applies to 99 percent of all closings out there,” Laurie says.