E-Signature Implementation Options for Insurance Companies


If you’re interested in electronic signatures for new business applications and other processes, you likely have questions. The good news is there are insurance companies of all sizes that have experienced many of the same concerns as you – and they have answers.

This 60-minute webcast will bring together a panel of insurance carriers who have introduced electronic signatures to their business in the past twelve months. Featuring presenters from Donegal Group and TransGuard, this presentation highlights two very different approaches to implementing e-signatures.

Through these stories, you will learn the range of e-signature options available and how to:

  • Add e-signatures to your business quickly with minimal IT cost and effort
  • Choose between on-premises and cloud e-signatures
  • Ensure adoption by agents
  • Design an optimal e-signature workflow

The webcast concludes with a best practice overview for carriers looking into electronic signatures.