E-Signature Security for Credit Union’s Digital Transactions

Recorded on: June 16th 2016


  • Andrea Masterton, Director Marketing, OneSpan
  • François Leblanc, Director Technical Sales, OneSpan

Your credit union already has many security safeguards and checkpoints in place, but when it comes to transacting online, security is understandably a top concern. As more and more credit unions strive to become 100% digital, electronic signatures are seen as a key enabling technology to help increase speed and innovation within the organization, as well as build better member experiences.

Taking a multi-pronged approach to e-signature security will ensure your records can be reliably reproduced as evidence in the event of a dispute. It will also foster member confidence and protect your credit union’s reputation, strengthen your legal and compliance position while ensuring maximum member adoption.

In this 60-minute online presentation, you will learn the top e-signature security requirements for end-to-end digital transactions for credit unions. We define, explain and demonstrate the following e-signature security features:

  • Member identification and authentication
  • Document and signature security
  • Transaction security
  • Data and system security

This presentation also provides best practices for e-signature security so that you can quickly put together a requirements checklist for evaluating e-signature solutions.

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