Analyst Report

E-Signature Solutions Market Update for Wealth Management


ECS - Atualização de Mercado - Atualização de Riqueza

E-Signature capabilities boost automation for traditional wealth firms across the advisory lifecycle, saving all stakeholders—wealth firms, advisors, and clients—valuable time and money. With the global regulatory environment for wealth management firms becoming increasingly complex, e-signature solutions will be a key component of wealth firms’ onboarding initiatives as they strive to comply with these regulatory mandates.

Written by CEB, a global best practice insights and technology company, this E-Signature Solutions Market Update for Wealth Management shares the state of digital and e-signature solutions, as well as implementation best practices to help financial institutions understand the key challenges and critical components associated with a new e-signature technology implementation.

OneSpan shares its perspective on these 5 questions about implementation:

  • Who are the primary stakeholders in the implementation process?
  • Where do you suggest financial institutions focus in compiling the key components of a compelling business case?
  • What part of the implementation process is most difficult for financial institutions to get right or is a major stall point, and what best practices do you recommend for success in this area?
  • What training is required to use or interact with the technology?
  • What advice do you have for financial institutions who are considering near-term investment?

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