E-Signatures 101 - An Introduction to Digital Healthcare Processes

Recorded on: June 28, 2016


  • Andrea Masterton, Director Corporate Marketing, OneSpan
  • Patrick Albert, Senior Sales Engineer, OneSpan

The trend to digitize and transform healthcare is accelerating. There are countless healthcare documents, forms and agreements that require signature, but when time is spent hunting down paperwork and chasing signatures, healthcare providers lose precious time from providing the best in customer care.

The industry agrees: it is time to remove paper from everyday processes like contracting and procurement, HR, medicare billing, patient onboarding and more. As a result, the traditional way of signing is changing – from paper to paperless.

As you prepare to go digital and begin to investigate e-signatures, you likely have many questions around the security, legality, workflow and deployment options around this strategic technology.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What are the e-signature adoption trends in healthcare?
  • Which other healthcare organizations are already using e-signatures and how?
  • What does HIPAA say about e-signatures and how do we comply?
  • How do we get started? What’s the cost? What’s the effort?

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