E-Signatures and Remote Business: A ‘How-to’ for Getting Started

eSignatures and Remote Business

Recorded on: March 25, 2021


Dilani Silva, Product Marketing Manager

Patrick Albert, Senior Solutions Architect


This webinar is part 1 in the three-part series, "Building for the Future: E-Signatures Pave the Way for Digital Transformation." For more on e-signatures and remote business, watch Part 2 and Part 3

Organizations that had not prioritized digital transformation projects pre-pandemic were forced to rapidly switch paths in the last year. As a result, enterprises fast-tracked their remote business operations by adopting e-signatures. This includes supporting both internal and external signing use cases.

There is no going back from this digital shift. Teams need to fully understand their new digital workflows to ensure adoption and remote business success.

In this first of a three part webinar mini-series, a team of digital business experts from OneSpan provide a full overview of the best practices and strategies around e-signature workflow optimization.

Topics and demo include:

  • How to optimize remote e-signature workflows across different use cases, channels, and devices
  • Practical tips for improving both the employee and customer experience
  • How to get maximum ROI from your investment in automating agreements