E-Signatures in Canada: A 45-Minute Workshop

E-Signatures Workshop

Recorded on: May 6, 2021



  • David Gaudio, OneSpan
  • François Leblanc, OneSpan


Whether you’re a business leader closing a big deal or an entrepreneur establishing a line of credit with a bank, there was probably an awkward moment in 2020 when you wondered how you were going to execute that transaction digitally.

It’s not a challenge that is going to disappear. As organizations transform digitally and customers demand the convenience of anytime transactions, now is the time to build for the future and get an in-depth look at advanced e-signature use cases.

Watch this fast-paced discussion about e-signature workflows, including customization and authentication options. Led by moderator Corey Cox, David Gaudio and François Leblanc of OneSpan take the audience through the basics, and demonstrate how e-signatures can help your business through multiple B2B, B2C and B2E use cases. Following the discussion, attendees can ask questions about convenience, security, and the integration of e-signatures with existing systems.