E-Signature FAQ:

Get the Details on Integration, Customization & Advanced Workflow


Recorded on: September 6, 2017


  • Pat Albert, Business Architect – OneSpan
  • Aphrodite Koukoulas, Marketing Programs Manager – OneSpan
  • Moderated by: Jocelyn Gunter, CEO ARMA International

Whether you’re a stakeholder in IT, operations, customer experience or digital transformation in your organization, you know that customers today expect and value digital processes. Towards that end, organizations are leveraging electronic signatures to offer a more convenient and efficient customer experience. This deep-dive on electronic signatures is for anyone interested in workflow, customization, integration options, and advanced use cases.

Join our team of experts as they answer the most common questions asked by organizations evaluating and adopting e-signatures. Questions like:

  • What is involved in adding e-signatures into our processes? What about expansion?
  • How do e-signatures align with our mobile strategies?
  • What are the most common challenges that arise when adopting e-signatures?
  • What customization options are available?
  • How are other organizations using e-signatures?
  • Can you show me what this looks like? (Watch the live demo!)