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esignatures for every business


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E-signatures for all your business needs

From the simplest signing workflows to the most complex and regulated transactions  


Provides the most options for getting e-signatures to your customers, partners and employees. Channels - Automate any use case across your web, call center, retail, and mobile channels Workflows - Use OneSpan Sign out of the box or fully customize for your unique requirements Deployment - Deploy on-premises or a public or private cloud - let your use case decide  


An optimized user experience for senders, signers and developers. SaaS Subscription - Start e-signing in minutes Connectors - Drop OneSpan Sign into your favorite business applications using our pre-built connectors SDKs/API - Easy integration with your core systems and existing applications  


Keeps the spotlight on your brand to drive high customer adoption and completion rates Interface - Fully white-label all web and mobile interfaces so that customers see your brand—and only your brand—as part of their signing experience Emails - All emails and notifications are sent using your company’s secure servers to protect your customers from phishing scams and malware Your brand – Putting your brand front and center ensures a seamless customer experience and builds trust in the process  


Protects people’s signatures and what they sign – documents can’t be modified without detection Digital signature - Encrypts every person’s signature using advanced, military-grade digital signature technology Tamper evident – Visibly invalidates the document if any changes are detected in between each signing event 1-click verification - Permanently embeds the audit trail in the document for quick and convenient, one-click verification  


OneSpan Sign makes it incredibly easy to access details about the transaction to prove compliance. The audit trail is permanently embedded within the e-signed document for easy, one-click verification. In addition, we’re the only provider in the market to  offer a single audit trail of the entire agreement process – from identity verification and authentication to e-signature. This includes the ID and authentication check method used and the detailed results of the verification. As a result, you get a complete picture of the transaction with strong identity assurance to demonstrate compliance.


Scales quickly and cost-effectively across your entire operations – locally and abroad  


Code once. Deploy anywhere. Re-use the same code across your different lines of business, use cases, channels and geographies Data centers - Multiple data centers around the world for compliance with in-country data residency requirements.. High performance - Maintains high system performance – whether on- premise or on a public or private cloud  


Partner with an e-signature expert deeply committed to your long-term success As the most experienced e-signature provider, we do whatever it takes to make you successful and feel like a valued customer – today and tomorrow 20+ years of e-signature experience 90% customer adoption 98% customer satisfaction 96% customer retention The only e-signature you’ll ever need Sign up for a free trial at