Infographic: How to Improve Onboarding

How to improve onboarding and keep your new hires for the long haul

How to improve onboarding and keep your new hires for the long haul

Onboarding is critical to long-tern employee retention. You need to build a strong foundation for your workers in the first few months if you hope to keep them for the long haul. Is your onboarding designed for lasting success, or are you making a lackluster impression that's increasing turnover?

Proper onboarding is key to employee retention.

86% of HR professionals are senior executives believe hew hires decide to stay or not within the first 6 months. In addition, the average company loses 1 of every 6 new hires each month for the first three months.[1]

  1. Of employees who leave in the first 6 months:[1]
  2. 23% say that clear guidelines on job responsibilities would have helped them stay
  3. 21% needed more effective training
  4. 17% felt a helpful co-worker or friendly smile would have made a difference

1/3 of new hires who quite say they had little to no onboarding[1]

Effective onboarding improves performance

  1. Employee performance increases 11% with effective onboarding.
  2. Discretionary effort from workers increases over 20% with effective onboarding.
  3. Employees in companies with longer onboarding programs reach proficiency 24% faster than those shorter progreams
  4. Manager satisfaction increases 20% when employees go through formal onboarding.

What effective onboarding looks like

Onboarding program should be organized, purposeful, and up-to-date to ensure that new hires are getting all the information they need. Dr Talya Bauer, Cameron Professor of Management at Portland State University recommends as onboarding program that:[2]

  1. Outlines job duties and performance expections[1]
  2. Overs company culture[1]
  3. Incroduces new hires to co-workers and management[6]
  4. Identifies information sources in the company[7]

Powerful tools for better onboarding

The right tools and programs can make onboarding easier and more organized. Lessonly allows you to create training courses, lessons, and quizzes, assign these to new hires, and track their progress.[3] Trello Organizes information in one place so new hires have easy access to essential details.[4] eSignLive by VASCO accepts electronic signatures for everything from the initial job offer to essential HR documents, cutting down on paper and streamlining the details.[5] You can't afford to ignore the powerful potential of employee onboarding programs. Organize yours effectively and you'll increase retention, boost productivity a happier workforce. Resources: