Moving Past Ink with E-Signatures


Recorded On: May 11, 2016


  • Ted Rohm, Senior ERP Analyst, Technology Evaluation Centers
  • Rahim Kaba, Director of Product Marketing, OneSpan

According to recent AIIM research, 56% of respondents still use signatures on paper for contracts and order forms. We know this often stops a paper-free process in its tracks. The tedious process of printing the document, signing it, and scanning it back in is time-consuming and slightly dubious if, say, only the signature page is printed and re-scanned, rather than the whole document. Your organization understands the value of adding e-signatures to your business processes, but how do you choose the right solution that fulfills your needs?

In this webinar, we examine the money and time-saving benefits of e-signature software solutions, as well as software selection best practices to ensure you choose a solution that best fits your organization’s requirements. We discuss:

  • 6 key e-signature software selection criteria and their importance in your software selection process
  • The best practices for software selection to help quickly and easily find the best e-signature solution for your organization
  • How to justify an e-signature solution by demonstrating return on investment (ROI)
  • Real-life stories of companies successfully leveraging e-signature solutions


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