Reduce your Risk Through E-Contracting

Recorded On: March 3, 2015


  • Tim Cummins, CEO, IACCM
  • Adam Grove, Associate, McGuireWoods LLP
  • Andrea Masterton, Corporate Marketing Director, OneSpan

Eliminating paper from contract and procurement processes is a top priority for many organizations interested in reducing risk, cost, and cycle times, all with the goal of gaining a competitive edge in today's marketplace. Unfortunately, companies continue to make basic errors when doing business via the Internet, mobile apps, tablets, and other digital technologies, and one wrong turn can result in major consequences when a dispute arises.

In this webcast, we discuss the risks associated to e-contracting and what steps to take to mitigate those risks and ensure enforceability. This presentation covers how to:

  • Ensure intent is properly captured in an electronic process
  • Prove who ‘clicked-to-sign’ online
  • Secure electronic records to ensure long term access and reliability
  • Strike the right balance between security and usability
  • Avoid the most common and risky e-contracting mistakes