Replace "click to print" with "click to sign" in your e-contracting processes

Recorded On: May 28, 2015

Are you interested in finding out how you can replace "click to print" with "click to sign" in your e-contracting processes?

It's a common problem for government organizations of all sizes: contracts are created electronically, but then printed to paper for signature causing huge inefficiencies and delays in getting the contract signed and the project started. This was the case with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) – a federally funded R&D facility managed by the California Institute of Technology. While JPL had partially automated the creation and review process of their contracts, they were still dropping back to paper for signature on more than 30,000 contracts annually - generating a massive amount of paper and manual effort in their workflows.

In this on-demand webcast, JPL shares their story; find out how e-signatures replaced pen and paper as their standard method to executing contracts. Highlights from this webcast include:

  • How e-signatures can move paper contracts and documents online into a secure, automated process
  • ROI metrics – including reduction in cycle times & costs
  • The deployment options available & easy integration with Microsoft tools like SharePoint, CRM Dynamics and OneNote
  • How strong security will help ensure buy-in from legal stakeholders

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