Top Trends Driving the Future of Fraud Mitigation:

2020 and Beyond 


Recorded On: June 20, 2019


  • Tim Bedard, Director, Security Product Marketing, OneSpan 
  • Julie Conroy, Research Director, Retail Banking, Aite Group

Fraud attacks around the globe continue to rapidly grow and evolve. Organized crime rings are successfully combining massive amounts of compromised data with automation. The result: rising account takeover, CNP, and new account fraud losses for banks, merchants, and fintechs alike. At the same time that the threat environment is escalating, expectations from regulators and consumers are rising as well—in starkly conflicting manners. While consumers push for seamless, friction-free customer experiences, regulators around the globe are increasingly mandating remote channel friction. The resulting balancing act for any bank or merchant is a challenging one.

The good news is that sophisticated technologies such as machine learning, orchestration platforms, and digital identity analytics represent opportunities for the good guys not only to keep pace with the criminals, but potentially even get a step ahead.

In this 60 minute webinar, fraud experts from OneSpan and Aite Group examine the key trends driving the future of fraud mitigation into 2020 and beyond and security best practices on how to mitigate fraud.

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