Trends in Mobile Banking Malware

…and How to Fight Them



  • Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager OneSpan

Since 2010 this scourge has continuously grown and bedeviled financial institutions and their customers. Mobile banking Trojans increased 60% last year proving that the malware problem isn’t going away. Clearly, ignorance surely isn’t bliss when it comes to protecting your business and customers.

Start by learning your enemy’s tools and techniques.

This webinar will explore the history and evolution of mobile banking malware, and the latest and greatest ways leading banks shield themselves against these threats with technologies such as app shielding with runtime application self protection (RASP).

Register for OneSpan's latest webinar as Sam Bakken, DIGIPASS for Apps product marketing manager, provides a deeper insight into several high-profile factors facing FIs, including:

  • Infection risks of Android and iOS 
  • Hackers’ most common infection methods 
  • Impact of malware with and without root capabilities