101 E-Signatures for Banking


Recorded on: June 2, 2016


  • François Leblanc, Director of Technical Sales - OneSpan
  • Giuliano DeRose, Manager, Business Development - OneSpan

Today’s top banks are using e-signatures to offer their customers a more secure, convenient and efficient digital banking experience.

If you are just beginning to investigate e-signatures for your bank, or if you are new to an e-signature project team, this recorded webcast will help you better understand this strategic technology and the value behind digitizing your operations.

In this webcast we provide an overview of the basic terminology, concepts and laws related to electronic signatures and answer the most frequently asked questions on the topic including:

  • How are banks using e-signatures?
  • What legal and compliance requirements do we need to consider?
  • How to increase security, compliance and productivity through e-signature?
  • What ROI metrics have others reported?
  • How do we get started? What’s the cost? What’s the effort?
  • How are top banks benefiting from e-signatures?

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