Digital Transformation and the E-Signature Momentum


Recorded On: Sep 26, 2017


  • Tim Sheedy, Principal Analyst Serving CIOs - Forrester
  • Mitchell Catling, Sales Engineer – OneSpan
  • Jennifer O'Brien, Associate Editor of CIO, CMO and Computerworld

With digital transformation a top priority in today’s business landscape, many organisations are looking to implement and maintain a successful-e-signature program.

Certainly, organisations of all sizes that are using e-signatures have transformed the way in which they serve both internal staff and their customers and partners – offering a more convenient and efficient digital experiences.

According to Forrester, the number of transactions using e-signatures was more than 210 million in 2014 and is likely to reach more than 700 million in 2017.

This exclusive educational webinar brought to you by Computerworld Australia and OneSpan outlines:

  • How digital process and e-signature needs are not limited to any one industry; How the technology is empowering workers to gather signatures from customers and employees and manage key documents and records;
  • The Australian legal and compliance requirements that IT leaders need to consider (changes in laws all over the world have made e-signatures legally watertight);
  • How security – in particular the integrity of the signature throughout a document’s circuit – remains a top priority for electronic signature providers;
  • Use cases that reveal reported ROI metrics;
  • The difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature - and why it’s important.