How to Automate HR Processes with Electronic Signatures


Recorded on: December 1, 2016


  • Alan Carter, Solution Engineer, OneSpan
  • Andrea Masterton, Director Marketing, OneSpan

Mired in paperwork and administrative responsibilities, HR managers are turning to electronic signatures in order to improve recruitment competitiveness, onboard new hires faster, and provide greater convenience to employees. Naturally, questions arise related to security and legal risk but with a few simple best practices, electronic processes can in fact be less risky than their paper counterparts.

This 60-minute webinar hosted by HRZone, UK's most popular online community for HR professionals, will show how to automate new hire paperwork, government forms, employee benefits, payroll processing,  employee reviews and more with e-signatures.

Key Topics include:

  • Why e-signatures are more secure than paper
  • Legal requirements & security best practices & E-Signature Laws
  • How to set up, send and track documents for e-signature
  • Successful electronic HR deployments by government and companies of all sizes
  • How to get started quickly and easily with no IT effort