Digitizing Government HR with E-Signatures


Recorded On: June 1, 2017


  • Jeannine Mulliner, Content Development Manager - OneSpan
  • Joseph McKairnes, Sr. Systems Engineer - OneSpan

Business and government HR departments are leading the digital charge, looking for cost-efficient tools to remove paper from recruiting, onboarding and signing processes throughout the employee lifecycle. Organizations and agencies are turning to electronic signatures to help transform their processes, integrate a complete end-to-end digital workflow and, ultimately, make it easier for all parties to e-sign HR documents.

This one hour on-demand webinar reviews how the federal government and organizations like the U.S. Census Bureau are using FedRAMP compliant e-signatures to modernize the government HR function. Learn how electronic signatures solve common HR challenges:

  • Compress annual performance review cycles by 70%
  • Accelerate new hire onboarding with remote e-signing
  • Attract top talent with modern tech tools
  • Eliminate 80% of the military recruiter’s workload
  • Do more with less by eliminating paper, shipping and administration
  • Get up and running immediately, for rapid results

Our e-signature experts also cover security, privacy and authentication options, including CAC/PIV. This webinar will help you and your team embrace the advantages of going digital.