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E-Signature Basics for Insurance Brokers


Recorded on: October 12, 2016


  • Fred Onorato, Regional Sales Manager, OneSpan

The modern insurance broker is no longer mired in paper - no longer subject to inevitable delays and errors that occur when you hit the ‘print’ button. Electronic signatures make it possible for brokers to complete applications on a mobile device when in front of a customer, or completely over the phone/Web. The result is a much more convenient and personalized customer experience – a necessary advantage for any insurance broker looking to compete in today’s environment.

Join IBANB and OneSpan to hear about a new e-signature partnership that will benefit New Brunswick insurance brokers. This online webcast will help you quickly get up to speed on this strategic technology and provide a comprehensive review of the following topics:

  • Canadian e-signature legislation
  • Electronic document and signature security best practices
  • Benefits of using e-signatures
  • How e-signatures works
  • Broker requirements for getting started
  • Customer requirements for e-signing
  • Pricing & licensing for IBANB members

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