Webcast: E-Signature Insights for Insurers


Tom Benton, VP Research & Consulting – Novarica

Andrea Masterton, Director Corporate Marketing – OneSpan


Recorded on: March 22, 2017

Electronic signatures have become a core enterprise technology for digital transactions in the insurance industry. Be it for personal lines or life insurance, direct or agency writers, in remote call centers or face-to-face meetings, e-signatures have been adopted across all channels, improving the new business experience for not only customers, but agents as well. While insurance companies have made notable progress in implementing this technology in key areas, there remains great potential for extending use to other areas across the enterprise. In a recent study commissioned by Novarica Research, the current state of affairs around e-signature use and what obstacles remain to be overcome in order to extend their use was investigated.

Watch this 60-minute webcast hosted by SmartBrief, in which OneSpan is joined by Novarica Research and shares the results of a study involving CIOs from leading insurance companies using e-signatures today.

Highlights include:

  • Top drivers and benefits of using e-signatures
  • Independent agent e-signature strategies
  • Common adoption challenges that carriers are running into
  • Use cases across different channels and products

Also featuring a real-life insurance case study by an insurance company that has taken an enterprise approach, this webcast shares the benefits, results and challenges experienced by your peers and will conclude with an e-signature best practices overview.