E-Signatures in Banking:

Looking Beyond the Initial Use Case


Recorded On: August 15, 2017


  • Rahim Kaba, Director Product Marketing, OneSpan
  • Stephen Greer, Analyst, Celent

Over the past five years, retail and commercial banks, credit unions, and other financial services organizations have been adopting e-signatures for a variety of use cases. As digitization efforts mature and banks realize the benefits in customer experience, compliance and operational efficiency, they are looking for ways to rapidly extend those benefits to every business line, channel and area of the bank. This requires a scalable electronic signature platform that has the flexibility to accommodate the requirements of any business process – from complex, high volume customer-facing processes to simpler internal and B2B signing processes.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The role of e-signature technology in your bank’s digital transformation
  • Top use cases in retail and commercial banking
  • How to build for the future
  • Celent’s e-signature checklist