End-to-end Digital Sales Processes in Salesforce

Каденс Коллектив

Recorded on: February 21, 2018


  • Jennifer Gee, Salesforce Consultant, Kadence Collective
  • Pragni Sanghvi, Product Marketing Manager, OneSpan

Salesforce is your sales organization’s most valuable tool and repository for storing sales-related activities, proposals, contracts, invoices and important partner, prospect and customer information. By integrating digital-enabling technologies like electronic signatures directly into this CRM system, you not only eliminate paper, but get to streamline every day sales processes.

Electronic signatures will help take your digital sales processes one step further - by preparing, managing and sending quote documents directly to your customers from Salesforce CPQ, your organization achieves full automation of the quote-to-cash process - eliminating the need to ever print any kind of document related to your sales activities.

In this webinar, we bring together a panel from the top e-signature provider (OneSpan) and full-service Salesforce consultants (Kadence) to share how your organization can keep business processes 100% digital in Salesforce for improved sales productivity and sales experiences.

Highlights discussed around Electronic Signatures + Salesforce CPQ:

  • Secure and compliant e-signatures for sales quotes, proposals, contracts & invoices generated in Salesforce
  • Real-time transaction management
  • Tracking of comprehensive audit trails of who signed, in what order, when and where

If you’re looking to modernize and maximize your sales teams’ business and operations in Salesforce, this session is for you.