E-Signatures & Digital Member and Loan Origination for Canadian Credit Unions


Recorded On: June 8, 2017


  • Guy Kutany, Product Director, Digital Lending Solutions Central1
  • Margarita Lurye, Senior Product Manager, Digital Banking, Cental1
  • Andrea Masterton, Director Corporate Marketing, OneSpan

Digital innovation initiatives among credit unions across Canada is a top priority. Credit unions are looking to remain competitive and offer their members the convenience of doing business on their schedule and on any web-enabled device. Automated process management together with electronic applications, document generation and loan origination systems are just a few pieces of a total solution that need to work together seamlessly to streamline workflow activities and offer more convenient and efficient member experiences.

Towards that end, electronic signatures are being used for member onboarding, loan applications, service agreements, and mortgage renewals by many of the nation’s leading credit unions including Interior Savings, Member Savings, Sunova and Affinity Credit Unions.

In this webinar hosted by Canadian Credit Union Association, OneSpan along with Central1 answers some frequently asked questions by credit unions looking to leverage digital technologies for better member experiences.

Key highlights include:

  • The components of a digital onboarding platform
  • How it works
  • Canadian E-Signature legislation
  • Legal and security requirements
  • Best practices to maximize adoption and use

The presentation features a live demonstration of a fully digital onboarding including electronic signatures to help you envision the future and leave you with a foundation for building an e-signature roadmap to becoming paperless.