Extend the Value of your Information Management System with E-Signatures


Recorded On: February 13, 2019


  • François Leblanc, Director of Technical Sales - OneSpan
  • Pragni Sanghvi, Product Marketing Manager - OneSpan

It’s no secret that forms and paper documents slow down the pace of business. E-Signatures have been a huge help in speeding up the pace, however, many organizations still view it only as something that is bolted on at the end of a business process; but this isn’t e-signatures’ only function.

E-Signatures have the technology to change everything. Once paired with your content management system(s) and your customer communication management technologies, it can transform paper-based workflows into ones that generate revenue, enabling your organization to achieve faster growth and a competitive advantage.

Watch this recorded webinar featuring Pragni Sanghvi, Product Marketing Manager and Francois Leblanc, Director of Technical Sales at OneSpan as they discuss the value that e-signature workflow content automation can bring to your operations to support your digital business transformation strategy. They provide a walk-through of an optimized workflow in a popular Information Management System, SharePoint Online, to illustrate how enterprises can digitize their content processes and enhance their customer & partner journeys.

Key topics covered:

  • Key digital business trends and the role of workflow and content automation
  • How e-signatures can help increase productivity and your bottom line when integrated with your existing systems
  • How to hit the ground running and implementation best practices