Hype vs. Reality: The State of Digital Account Opening


Recorded On: November 6, 2018


  • Stephen Greer, Senior Analyst - Celent, a division of Oliver Wyman
  • Rahim Kaba, Director of Global E-Signature Product Marketing - OneSpan

Heightened customer expectations have made “digital” a necessity in today’s financial services industry. Despite all the hype, research continues to reveal that banks, credit unions and other financial institutions still have a long way to go to satisfy the needs of customers who want to open new accounts via online and mobile banking. While abandonment of digital account opening is still a problem, new technologies and regulations are helping further automate and improve the speed of the application process.

In this webinar, Stephen Greer, Senior Analyst at Celent, and OneSpan will discuss how banks and FIs should approach key steps in the account opening process. Topics will include:

  • Research findings from Celent on mobile account opening priorities and challenges
  • Customer-centric approaches to KYC - Streamlining the disclosures and consent process
  • Mitigating fraud across mobile and online channels
  • Customer success stories and top requirements from your banking peers

Also download the newly published Celent report, “Looking at Mobile Account Opening at US Banks”.