Legal and Regulatory Update on Electronic Mortgage Closings


Recorded on: November 8, 2016


  • Michael Laurie, VP Product Strategy, OneSpan
  • Margo Tank, Partner BuckleySandler LLP

As electronic signatures flourish throughout the market, new regulations, technologies, and customer expectations are driving digitization from lenders in mortgage applications, renewals, and disclosure delivery, significantly reducing the time between application and closings. Originators big and small have successfully automated the initial stages of the mortgage process, however, because the closing process is so complex, involving strict rules for notarization and recording and tracking the authoritative copy of the eNote, this has historically impeded adoption of an all-electronic process.

To remain relevant, however, mortgage lenders must adopt closing processes that are more convenient for both consumers and banks.

In this webcast we share:

  • Legal and regulatory requirements for e-closings
  • Recent court rulings on electronic notes
  • What the GSEs have to say
  • Implementation options for a phased transition to digital closings
  • Solution requirements including vaulting, MERS registration, and more…

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