OneSpan Sign Q4 2019 Round-Up Product Briefing


The OneSpan Sign Q4 2019 Round-up includes new and exciting product capabilities that we’ve brought to market, as well as additional features that we’ll be introducing shortly. The goal of this 60-minute briefing is to review all new functionality and features. You will learn step-by-step how to use the new features and capabilities, and hear sample use cases to provide context.


  • New Signer Experience – we recently updated our signing interface so signers can review and execute transactions easier and faster than ever
  • Secure Agreement Automation to digitize the customer journey from a customer’s initial application, to identity verification, to signing an agreement. The solution helps banking, lending, and financial institutions automate new customer acquisition and reduce fraudulent enrollments by positively identifying qualified customers during the application process
  • TSP Partner Program to meet eIDAS compliance for Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES)
  • New OneSpan Sign connectors for Guidewire and Pegasystems
  •  And more!


  • Tim Bedard
  • Michaël Lakhal
  • Michael Williams
  • Dilani Silva