Digital Transformation in Banking

The Pragmatic Approach!

Алхимия Цифровые Решения

Recorded On: March 27, 2018


Banks are on a modern-day mission to revolutionize customer engagement across all banking channels through digitization. In doing so, they are re-engineering legacy processes, implementing new technologies and building enterprise digital capabilities in order to streamline, automate and enhance client interactions – the essential ingredients for success when it comes to reducing costs, generating revenue, controlling risk and most importantly delivering outstanding Customer Experience. Even in this digital era, some banks are still unsure of where to begin and which processes to tackle first – but getting started doesn’t need to be as daunting as it seems. With so many banks already on a digital transformation journey, there are many success stories, an established list of best practices, predefined use cases and expert guidance to learn from.

In this webinar, we share a pragmatic approach with insights from peers that have embarked on a digital journey and guidance on how your bank can introduce innovative digital processes at an enterprise scale, in order to accelerate its digital transformation.

Highlights include:

  • Top criteria and considerations for adopting digital technologies
  • How to get started and which processes your bank should digitize first
  • Which key stakeholders to involve to ensure enterprise collaboration and a unified approach
  • Use cases and ROI from banks of all sizes including BMO, US Bank, OneMain Financial and RBC
  • Best practices, both internally to ensure optimal design of digital capabilities, externally to ensure seamless experience for customers across all channels; online, branch, call-center and mobile channels