Save Time on Recruitment with E-Signatures


Recorded On: March 22, 2017


  • Sarah MacDonald, Marketing Coordinator - Soda PDF Anywhere.
  • Patrick Albert, Senior Business Architect - OneSpan

If you want to get your top candidate to accept your job offer, you need to get the ball rolling ASAP. Using an integrated PDF e-signature solution to get the best talent to sign your offer will eliminate the lengthy process of having them print, sign, scan, and email it. Accelerating the hiring process puts you ahead of the game, especially if your candidate has multiple offers lined up.

This webinar offers tips on how to save time with a user-friendly electronic signature solution. You'll also learn a few practical ways on how to identify the best candidates for the job and how to present their resumes to your hiring manager.

Take this opportunity to learn how to improve your company's hiring process!