E-Signatures: Beyond the Basics


Recorded On: May 3, 2018


  • Joseph McKairnes, Principal Systems Engineer, Government Sector - OneSpan
  • Margaret Sheridan, Sales Development Government & Public Sector – OneSpan
  • Morgan Wright, Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

Use of e-signatures is growing among state and local government agencies, but e-signature technology is rarely used to its full potential. Watch this webinar for a look at how some state and local government agencies are using e-signatures for more complex processes – such as internal approvals, vendor contracts and permitting/licensing -- to eliminate costly paper and the need for “wet” signatures.

Topics include:

  • How to expand an existing e-signature implementation to employ more sophisticated secure document signing processes
  • How to integrate e-signature technology with document management and storage systems like SharePoint
  • How to integrate complex workflow options such as multiple signers
  • A live demonstration involving multiple signers and user authentication options