Turning Mobile Banking Into an Engagement Platform with E-Signatures


Recorded On: April 25, 2017


    Zhi Ying Ng, Analyst Serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professional - Forrester Research
    Rahim Kaba, Director of Product Marketing - OneSpan
    Mike Perkowski, Co-Founder & Partner - New Reality Media, LLC

    Mobility has turned every industry on its head, and mobile banking has quickly become a key requirement for financial services firms looking to create a better customer experience and tighten relationships with customers. But not all banking institutions know how to fully leverage the power and flexibility of mobility; in fact, some don’t even know how to get started. For them, every day they fail to provide suitable mobile banking capabilities—especially by utilizing e-signature technology—is a missed opportunity.

    Watch this free webinar and hear from guest speaker, analyst Zhi Ying Ng from Forrester Research, and OneSpan in a discussion around how to utilize e-signatures to unlock the full potential of mobile banking applications. The webinar will also help you:

    • Learn why and how mobile banking applications promote customer engagement
    • Understand how to deliver personalized mobile banking experiences
    • Find ways to extend e-signature technology from online to mobile channels
    • Create upsell opportunities using e-signatures and biometrics