Biometric Authentication: Busting Myths for Increased Engagement & Better Security


Recorded On: May 27, 2020


  • Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager, OneSpan

The best user experience anywhere sets the bar everywhere. Users demand increased security but not at the expense of an easier log-in experience.  Developers seek to increase consumer trust in their applications while providing a higher quality user experience. Passwords are no longer an acceptable standard; they are static, easily hacked, hard to remember and increase the likelihood of breaches.

Biometric authentication uses physiological and behavioral traits of each individual as the basis for authentication. This is reflected in technologies like fingerprint scans, and voice or face recognition. While many agree that traditional passwords should become obsolete, common misconceptions around privacy breaches, security risks and accuracy levels can and do hinder the widespread adoption of biometric authentication at a time when it should be more broadly considered.

In this webinar, a mobile security expert, quite literally, breaks down the most common myths around biometric authentication.

Key topics include:

  • Error rates and trust levels for biometric authentication
  • Using biometrics for unknown users
  • Privacy concerns and the sharing of personal data