Keep Business Moving Forward with eSignatures


Recorded on: November 18, 2020


  • David Bocek, Customer & Partner Marketing Specialist
  • Haris Haidary, Solutions Engineer

The pandemic has accelerated the drive toward digitization and remote work. Now more than ever, the interactions and transactions that were traditionally done in-person are conducted using digital solutions. Businesses of all sizes across different verticals must now find a way to offer their services digitally and virtually.

Nothing stops digital business in its tracks like the need for a wet signature on contracts and other commercial transactions. And yet, paper-based signatures are still the preferred approval method in certain organizations and processes. Why is there still resistance to eSignatures and remote ID verification when those technologies have proven ROI?

Certainly, corporate culture and custom plays a role. But, most often, the failure to transition to end-to-end digital experiences comes down to these factors:

  • ignorance about the eSignature technology;
  • legal concerns;
  • security issues;
  • the complexity associated with setting it up 

This webinar dispels those concerns with a walkthrough of today’s eSignatures features and applications. We explain the ideal process candidates for these capabilities and demonstrate the simple steps to implementation.