The State of Digital Account Opening Transformation


Recorded On: March 11, 2020


  • Tim Bedard, Director Product Marketing

A poor customer experience and insufficient security in the account opening process has been shown to directly negatively impact  long-term customer loyalty, retention and profitability.  So, how do you provide a better and more secure customer experience in the digital account opening process?

New technologies, such as digital identity verification, facial comparison, e-signature, liveness detection, biometrics, and more - are helping banks reinvent how they attract and convert new applicants into happy customers during the digital account opening and onboarding process while reducing abandonment rates and application fraud.

In this webinar, we discuss the current transformational state of digital account opening from three different perspectives: the adopters – early and soon-to-be and the late majority.

Topics include:

  • Insights from a recent survey of over 100 financial institutions on the state of digital account opening
  • Strategies on how to remove major points of friction in the account opening and onboarding experience
  • New and emerging technologies that can help banks and FIs transform the account opening and onboarding experience