The Red Flag: What the Emulator Farm Attack Signals for US Mobile Fraud


Recorded on: February 8, 2021


  • Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mobile Security
  • Greg Hancell, Senior Manager of Fraud Consultancy
  • Will LaSala, Sr. Director Global Solutions

In December 2020, an “evil emulator farm” cyber attack demonstrated how cybercriminals now have the ability to bypass static multi-factor authentication using automated processes to harvest mobile device identifiers, spoof GPS locations and intercept SMS messages.

But, financial institutions can fight back by modernizing their authentication with techniques such as secure provisioning and channel communication, client- and server-side risk analysis, and continuous session monitoring with RASP and machine learning.

In this webinar, find out from mobile fraud industry experts:

  • What the emulator farm attack reveals about the state of US mobile fraud
  • How increasingly frequent and sophisticated security threats can be eliminated
  • Which security strategies are being utilized to protect mobile device users